Monday, November 19, 2012

Presenting a Beach Holiday With Nature

Enjoy a boat ride. Appreciate the beauty of Laiya from a distance by taking a boat ride out to sea. Accredited operators that provide daily boat trips down the shore can be found in the vicinity. Sail to see spectacular views of the coastline, or savor the impressive vistas of the horizon. You may also catch a glimpse of dolphins, sea turtles, and whale sharks during the tour.

Climb the highest mountain in town. If you're up for a more challenging nature adventure, climb Mt. Daguldol, the highest peak in San Juan. A breathtaking view of the sea and the provinces of Marinduque and Mindoro await on its summit. The mountain is considered as an easy hike because most of the trails here are forest paths that are shaded by towering trees. There are 3 major camp sites at the peak: the "Gulugod Baboy", an area covered with grass, "Niyogan", which sits near a coconut plantation, and "Anahawan", the highest spot of Mt. Daguldol.

See the giant fruit bats. An amazing sight when they are in flight, the giant fruit bats (Pteropus vampyrus) found in the province have a wing span of about a meter long. They are commonly found hanging in trees in a place called Parang Sili Dao. These mammals are already endangered, so the local government is doing its best to preserve and conserve the remaining species.

Watch the egg-laying sea turtles. Recently, the residents of San Juan discovered that the sea turtles (pawikan) are regular visitors on their shoreline. Scenes of pawikans laying their eggs on the long, sandy stretch of Laiya's coastlines have become regular to the locals, especially from the months of November to January. Today, a lot of tourists are drawn to this place to witness the hatching period of these endangered animals.

Explore its underwater world. Laiya is one of the richest diving sites in San Juan, Batangas. The natural sanctuaries in this region shelter diverse species of fish and other marine wildlife. Corals in various forms and colors are visible from the surface of the crystal-clear waters. To make the most of your underwater experience, rent a boat that will take you to the best diving spots. You can also check out some of the best beach resorts in Laiya that offer snorkeling packages.

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